Explore Diets Part 2


It’s been 5 months since I had my prophylactic bilateral oophorectomy and salpingectomy, basically I had my ovaries and my fallopian tubes removed in order to prevent myself from getting ovarian cancer and decrease my risk of breast cancer. I had been looking at diets for years, but for the longest time was focused on weight loss with minimal desire to  look at diet for health. Now I am interested in looking at diets for health and if weight loss is a part of eating healthy, then that is a benefit. I want, no I need to eat differently in order to be healthy, get off my blood pressure medication, and maybe in turn lose some weight in the process. 

I recently started thinking that I wanted to go full on keto. I wanted to lose weight, as well as stop my blood pressure medication. When I did some quick research, I found that keto would actually, or I should stay could help my blood pressure, but the biggest problem is everything I read said that it is difficult to stay on a keto diet forever and it is not recommended that you continue forever. 

What I decided, something that I already knew, is that the best diet for me and my family is to follow is the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is a way of life not a diet. You do not exclude any foods, you just have to eat healthy foods that actually feed your body. You can eat anything, just in the right amount. Veggies, healthy fats, and healthy protein is what’s on the menu. I look forward to learning more about different recipes, trying new foods and new recipes, and cooking from home instead of eating out. I look forward to eating more beans and whole grains as well as leafy greens. 

Michael Pollan’s philosophy is still my favorite, “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants”. Michael Pollan’s philosophy fits right with the Mediterranean diet, real food cooked by you, shared with family and friends. My goal is to eat like Michael Pollan’s quote, real food that I cooked myself, not too much, and mostly plants, but not giving up animal protein, just limiting it in small amounts, as well as the right animal protein. I think my focus of this blog will be on real food shared with others and summer, even within a global pandemic, is the perfect time to do so. 

What diet do you follow, if any? Is it only food or is it the people you share that food with, 

as well that is important when following a way of eating, a lifestyle of eating and living?


Amymediterranean diet, Michael Pollan, diet vs lifestyle, family and friends, real food, not a lot of food, mostly plant based

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