Explore Stress

Hans Selye - Its not stress that kills us, it is our...

My word of the year is explore and while I have not actually spent time exploring, I want to continue to explore different things that interest me. I want to explore my career possibilities, I want to explore diets and food. I ant to explore creativity. I want to explore mindfulness. What I really want to explore is how all these thing relate to stress, and anxiety, and depression. 

Right now, with the global pandemic happening, we are all faced with stress that is more than most of us have faced before. We are faced with stress regarding trying to work or if we are not working, figuring out how to cope with the financial stress of change in work structure. We are faced with the stress of trying to teach our children without having a teaching degree and while most of us are working as well as trying to get our kid to learn while we are trying to work. Some of us are working outside the home as essential workers and dealing with the stress of possibly bring home the Corona virus to our family or getting sick ourselves. We are dealing with the stress of ensuring that we have enough to eat and strangely enough, the stress of having enough toilet paper.

I plan to EXPLORE diet and how it relates to stress next. I have been thinking about how an anti-inflammatory diet can benefit us in everyday life, but also how it benefits us in times of increased stress, I plan to look t creativity and mindfulness, as well as other coping skills for stress, but creativity, diet, and mindfulness are the three big ones that I plan to focus on.

Today I am going to take time to write in my gratitude journal, look at meal planning for the week, and make time to be creative and maybe even move a little.

How do you del with stress? Right now, my eating is out of control. I am trying to be creative, but that is not always productive, but it does feel good to create. I do get to listen to my husband play his guitar and that always feels good. I haven’t been good with mindfulness practices, at least not specific mindfulness practices, but breathing is always my go to when I am stressed or anxious.


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