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It is April 24, 2020 and we are well into social distancing, and while I miss being able to go out, what I see at work (and I see the mild side of things) makes me understand why we are social distancing. I am working 4 days a week and while I don’t love what I do, I also don’t hate it.

I have been thinking that I should use this this time to figure out some next steps in my life. I’m ok with being a nursing home social worker, but I am not passionate about it, and I want to be passionate about my job. I want to start exploring, but I m so tired. I leave work exhausted after hearing more people get diagnosed, more people die without someone by their side, more co-workers breaking down because they think they can’t do this anymore.

I go between I should be doing something with this time and I am just too tired to do anything else but veg out and scroll Facebook. I have been hearing that we should be taking time to find ourselves, learn new things, do something productive with my time. Then I read that I should be taking it easy, taking time for me, taking time to just be.

The thing is that I think we should do something in the middle. I think there is something to be said for taking time to just be and taking time to relax, but I think you also need to take time to do something productive with this time. I can get a little, ok I can get very lazy. I need to start taking time to explore the possibilities for the next steps in life.

The Emerson and Thoreau quotes that I posted about are some quotes that really resonate with me. I had the second quote on my desk to remind me that I don’t need to follow the path I currently am following, but I can brave a new trail. The quote about going confidently in the direction of your dreams really speaks to me too. I saw that one, if you can believe it, in a Hallmark movie. The thing is, I need to figure out what my dream is, and then I can figure out how to blaze a new trail.

So, while I plan to take time to relax and destress, I also need to take time to try figure out my dreams and my passions. I have ideas, but I need to take time to figure out if they are really what I love, or if it’s just something I am interested in. My goal is to figure out how to take my social work background and do something I love with it.

The whole point of this post is to remind people that while we all have more times in our lives, we don’t have to feel like we always have to be doing some productive and we also don’t need to feel like we can’t. We can learn new things, be productive, learn about ourselves, but we can also take time to just be, relax, and take care of our emotional wellbeing. We all need balance in our lives.

How are you dealing with this quarantine? Are you an essential worker? Are you working from home and dealing with trying to help with kids and school? Are you not able to work because of the job you have? I am sending prayer and positive thoughts to everyone. While I know prayers and positive thoughts don’t fix everything, I think it is always helpful to know that people are thinking of others and the more positivity and support we put out there, the more there is.

Namaste and find balance in your life.


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