Explore Diets

I chose “EXPLORE” to be my word of the year. I plan to do lots of exploring this year, from job/career possibilities to ways of cooking/eating to actual exploring of places. I plan to explore and learn more about the things that I believe I’m passionate about. 

About 1 week ago, I took the plunge and had surgery to prophylactically remove my fallopian tubes and my ovaries. I still have a week to recover before heading back to work. This was the first step in my promise to get myself healthy. I have been somewhat exploring different diets and nutrition and through this exploration, I have decided that the best diet is “The Mediterranean Diet”. What I love about this diet is the emphasis it places on community and social experiences along with the healthy food that it recommends. I also like that it doesn’t take away foods, it just limits how much you should be eating. I love the emphasis that it puts on fruits and veggies and that it limits but doesn’t get rid of eating red meat. 

This past weekend, my husband’s sister had us over along with her daughter’s, grandchildren, and cousins to recreate family recipes. This was the second time that we did this and it was an amazing day. I wish we would do it more often. We were celebrating family recipes from the Italian heritage. It completely fits everything about the Mediterranean diet, homemade food from scratch, made with family, socializing, laughing, talking. 

I want to continue to explore different recipes from the Mediterranean area. I want to try to cook different recipes and share them with my family and my friends. Making diet changes are really difficult for me. I never wanted to have prophylactic surgery. I wanted to take a holistic approach to protecting my health from cancer, but now it’s time to do both. I am going to explore life and make changes to my body, mind, and soul and one of those ways is through the Mediterranean diet. 

Do you follow a specific diet? How have you chosen what foods to eat?



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