Making Changes

It’s December 5, 2019 and before we know it, 2020 will be here and many people will be talking about making resolutions. For many people, including me in the past, these resolutions will be made and forgotten about almost as quickly as they were made. Every year, I make up new goals and very soon after I make those goals, often not even making any move to change, I give them up. Often it happens without my even realizing that I’m not following these goals. I have even tried making goals throughout the year, and not just New Year’s Resolutions, but needless to say, they have not stuck either.

I have a lot of goals that I want to work on, some professional and some personal. Professionally, I want and need to specialize in something that I am passionate about, or at least enjoy. Right now, my job is ok. I have a great boss who is really understanding, and has been working with me to give me good work. Right now, my biggest issue is that I want to remain in one building and not move around, but I am not ready to make that move yet. I want to take time to figure out if I can get a little more education or focus before I decide where I want to hang my hat. I don’t love nursing homes, but maybe I can find a good one and stay there for some time with a specialization. 

Personally, I have a lot of goals. I want to learn how to live a more holistic life. I guess I need to figure out what that means for me. I want to learn to eat a more plant based diet that is actually healthy and not just replace animal based junk food with plant based junk food. I want to plan and care for my garden. I want to grow veggies and herbs. I want to make a plan to have time to be creative. I also want to take time for mindfulness/yoga practices. 

I can go into even more detail about a lot of these basic goals. I want to break down what living a holistic life means to me. I want to learn how to cook and eat a plant based diet and maybe even teach/educate others about living and eating in a holistic manner. I want learn and specialize in some specific area of being creative. While I love creating, I want to be able to feel like I am proficient and passionate about a specific area of creativity, though I have to admit, I am extremely passionate about being creative in general. I want to learn more about gardening and what I want to plant. I very much want to grow my own herbs as learn how to use them in my life and my family’s life. I need to take time to meditate and practice yoga and other mindfulness activities. 

I have been listening to many different podcasts and loving them. They have ranged from sewing podcasts to pant based diet podcasts to healthy cooking podcasts. While I have enjoyed most of the podcasts I have listened to, today’s podcast really spoke to me. One of the things that I heard, and maybe it’s because it’s what I want to hear, is that I don’t have to make all these changes at once. In fact, it is probably better and I will probably be more successful if I make small changes and then build on those changes. The other thing that I need to do, and I know this from my professional career as a social worker, is to have specific, clear, and measurable goals as well as having a target date to meet those goals. This is not the first time that I have thought and written about this, but the fact that I keep writing this makes me believe that this is something that is important to me. Small clear measurable goals with a time frame to meet my goals is something that I need to work on. No more resolutions, no more waiting until a specific time to start, but making a clear measurable goal that I can be successful with. My first goal is to stop adding dairy to my coffee. I’d like to get rid of all dairy, but that may be too much right now. That’s not to say I can’t work on that, but it is not the goal that I am working on. The other thing to remember is that it is ok to make mistakes, not meet the goal I set all the time, but it is important to get back on track and not give up or give into mot following through with my goals.

Look for my journey into making these small changes and the ups and downs of following my road, no matter the twists and turns the road may take. So far so good with eliminating dairy in my coffee. Now on to getting rid of more dairy in my life as well as figuring out other specific goals to work on.  Just remember, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can make mistakes and not be a failure. Just get back on track and maybe look at re-evaluating those goals. It’s actually important to give yourself a time to re-evaluate your goals every so often. In my professional life, I have reviewed goal any where from weekly to every 3 months depending on the situation. It’s not only ok, but important to be ok with changing your goals.

Do you set goals for yourself? Do you have long term goals or short term goals or maybe even both? Do you re-evaluate your goals?



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