Being Happy

I got a haircut Friday. It’s the first real good haircut I’ve had in a couple of years. I have been trying to grow my hair and it was at a place where it needed a good haircut. I have been growing my hair out and I, for the first time, most likely ever, really love my curls! I decided to stop and take a selfie at my local lake and actually really like the way it came out. I am even loving my gray as the color is growing out. What this means, is for the first time, I may even be happy with my outward appearance. That’s not to say I don’t need to make changes, but I am starting to be happy with me.

I read an article today about why people in Norway are so happy, even though they deal with shortened days, just like we do here in the US. People in Norway were asked about seasonal affective disorder and do they get depressed or sad with the decreased light in the winter. They replied why would they get more depressed just because the days were shorter. Basically the article talked about people’s outlook on life and how it can affect their mood.

People in Norway see things a little differently then a lot of people I know. Winter comes, days get shorter, weather gets colder, and people get more miserable about life. I wonder if people’s outlook on life and their happiness are related. There is some evidence that gratitude can rewire your brain. I wonder if your outlook can rewire your brain too.

If you see the good in life, there is some evidence that you will be happier. If you see the positives about life, even when it seems like there aren’t any, maybe you will be happier. Instead of seeing winter as death, like some people see it, see it as a time to slow down and regroup and relax. I plan to embrace winter and see things a little differently this season. I have been trying this for the past few seasons, but I plan to be more conscientious about it. The holidays are coming and like last year, I plan to keep adding new traditions to the holiday season. I also plan to look into the book, “The Little Book of Hygge, Danish Secrets to Happy Living”.

I know I need to make some active choices about being happy, what about you? Are you happy? Do you see things in a positive light, or do you look at the negative?



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