Holidays and Life Review

It’s November 10th, actually it’s closer to November 11, 2019, which means it’s also almost the end of 2019. Every so often I get the desire to do a life review, and with the holidays fast approaching as well as the end of a year, I think it’s time for another review. The unfortunate things I am finding, is that while I often do a life review, I often don’t make changes like I want to. 

One change I have made, is with my job. I’m on my way to my 3 month mark at my new job. While it isn’t what I thought I’d be back to, it has given me the financial stability that I need right now. It has also given me the ability to make money, while being home at a reasonable hour for my family. I work 4 days a week, and I have PTO time. This means I will get paid holidays and paid vacations. I get to sub if I want on Fridays or I can go to appointments. I can get stuff done around the house or I can just do nothing. I can still volunteer with 4H and cub scouts. So, while this may not be where I want to be, it gives me the ability to do things that I want to be doing. I am also doing a job that I pretty much know how to do, so while there is a learning curve to catch back up on, it is easier than learning a job from scratch. 

Where I haven’t made enough changes is with my diet, my exercise, my health, following or attempting to follow some of my dreams. This being said, I want to start eating a more Mediterranean style diet. This means I not only want to eat the foods of this region, but I want to add the social piece of means also. My whole family, including me, are on our devices way too much. I keep saying I’m going to stop, and I have lessened it a bit, but nowhere near where I should. I need to get outside more. I need to create more and stop finding things to pin that I’ll never make. I need to make a commitment to gardening and wellness. I need to practice mindfulness more often. I need to start learning about herbs, essential oils, and other forms of alternative health. 

I bought a new planner and I am hoping to use it to help me reach my goals. One goal that I set last year and really only changed a little, was to start different traditions for the Christmas holiday season. While I am not religious, I like to think that I am spiritual and for me, one of the ways that I can be true t my spirit is to start some fun holiday traditions with my family. I’d like to make a point to go in to Boston this year, continue to drive around and see Christmas lights, make some homemade Christmas gifts, see the lighting on the common, attend my towns holiday troll, shop local for gifts when possible, go caroling, and maybe find some new places to check out for holiday traditions. While I know there really isn’t any place like the towns in hallmark movies, I’d love to try to find one that we could visit and get that traditional holiday feel. The other goal that I’m hoping my planner will help with is my meal planning, my mindfulness practice, and even my creative practice, and helping me to plan my blog posts more. One thing I really hope is that my new planner will make getting and staying organized fun.

I have a lot of goals, but these are goals that haven’t changed, they may have developed a little differently, but overall, they remain the same. This tells me that I need to work on them and try to make my dreams/goals a reality. I need to start focusing more and stop having what I call creative ADD or even goal ADD. Some shiny new idea comes along and I get distracted from what I was doing. I never seem to finalize what I start or perfect or master a task. Again as hiny new idea takes my focus and I get side tracked. It’s time to pick a focus and enjoy. I can maybe have multiple focuses, but I need to continue to work on them, not just put them aside when that shiny new idea comes along.

So, I know I’ve asked this before, do you do a life review? Are the upcoming holidays and new year exciting or overwhelming? Do you look forward to starting and maintaining traditions or do you care about traditions at all? While I think it’s ok to have New Year’s resolutions, lots of people do, I also think it’s just as important to do a life review throughout the year and look at what your goals were and are and see where you stand with them. 



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