Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today is October 1st and is the start of breast cancer awareness month. For me, Breast cancer awareness month is very special and very important to me. I have a strong family history of breast cancer on both sides of my family, I also cared for my grandmother through her cancer. Unfortunately she ultimately died due to her breast cancer. My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer when my children were babies. Soon after her diagnosis, she found she had the BRCA2 mutation. I then went and got tested and found out that I was positive for it too. 

This month, I hope to write about my journey with the BRCA2 mutation. I have been having ongoing screenings to ensure that I am on top of my cancer risk. This May, I needed to have a biopsy due to a finding on my mammogram and it was one of the scariest times that I have experienced. My biopsy came back negative, but I am now thinking a lot more constantly about what to do next. 

This month you can come on my journey as I explore my options and start to make changes to my lifestyle. There are some great ways to change my life using some of my passions, but it is time to actually start following it and making changes. I hope that I can find ways to figure out my next steps and help others to learn about the steps that they can take. 

Are you at a higher risk for cancer or do you just want to be healthier and live a more holistic lifestyle? That is my goal, to live a more holistic life and do what I want to do.



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