I was driving to work and I was thinking about writing. I try to really be grateful for the things that happen in my life and try really hard to thank the universe for things in my life. I don’t know if I do it enough, but I have a lot to be grateful for.

Most recently, I made a decision to go back to being a nursing home social worker and started talking to people about it. I started to feel really good about the decision to let go of what I thought I wanted (at least for now) and started to think about what would be really helpful in my life right now. I decided to ask, on Facebook, if anyone knew of any long term care social work positions and within 24 hours, actually less, I not only had a job offer, an offer letter, but I had also accepted the position, and had new hire paperwork to fill out. I am grateful for past jobs, past co-workers, and that I left my last job prior to burning bridges.

This is an old picture, but my daughter was stretching with daddy

I am grateful for my supportive husband who has allowed my to make changes in my job situation over the years. These job changes have allowed me to have a career as well as be home with my family. He has supported my in trying new career possibilities as well as leaving when they didn’t suit me. He is there to listen to some of my crazy thoughts about changing careers as well as being there to point out things that I didn’t necessarily think about. We are coming up on 26 years together and am so happy with our life together. I could ask for a more supportive, loving, kind, amazing man.

I have so much to be grateful for. I have an amazing family that I love, loves me, and supports me. I have a great career and I think it’s going in a really positive direction. I have a great extended family, both biological as well as in laws. I have lots of interests and passions, and while it can be tough to narrow down what I am really passionate about, I have many things in life that I love! I live in a really nice town and have a lot of really good acquaintances. While I sometimes wish I had more good friends, I am grateful for the friends that have some into my life throughout the years. They have provided what I needed at the time and hopefully our friendship was good for them too. I am grateful for a really great life all around and I don’t know if I say that enough.

Do you make it a point to take time to say what you are grateful for? Do you think it’s important in life, to be purposefully grateful?



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