Making Changes


For some time now, from a career perspective, I’ve been in a state of flux. I’ve known that where I work and doing what I am doing has not been working for me. I started looking for jobs that I thought I would want to do, and I actually interviewed for a job similar to what I am doing now, but I would have similar stressors as I do now, plus I don’t think therapy is the way I want to go. I took a chance on Facebook 2 days ago and reached out for suggestions on nursing home jobs. As much as I don’t want to work in nursing homes, it is something I know and am comfortable with. Yesterday, I made contact with a former co-worker who is now working for a new company. I was offered a job that I really couldn’t say no to. I will be making more money, working 32 hours consistently, getting benefits, and still able to sub and be a co-leader in my daughter’s 4H group.

As much as I didn’t think I wanted to return to nursing homes, I feel surprisingly good about my choice to return. I honestly respect my coworkers that I will be working with. They knew my history with my past consulting company and had similar issues. They fully support this new company and that feels really good.

I asked the universe for some direction, and while I’m not sure how I completely feel about manifestation on it’s own, I feel like this opportunity happened as a sign. I started thinking about returning to nursing homes and put it out there to actual people for actual potential job opportunities and I had a job offer in under 24 hours. I did have to actually ask people for information on jobs, but it happened easier and much quicker than I expected it to. It also happened in the time frame that I had wanted.

I don’t believe that you can manifest things to happen without actually putting work into it. I believe that we have to put some effort into getting what we want out of our life, but we have to be open to opportunities that present themselves to us. I am also hoping that once I get settled, I can start working on other areas that I feel are my true purpose. I think going back to nursing homes may be a step for me to get to where I want to be, at least that is how I see things. This job will be comfortable with the knowledge I have, I will be making money, have a set time to work, be home at a good hour with my family and even friends, as well as not having the stress of people not showing up which plays a role in my stress level from a financial perspective as well as a time perspective.

Take time to put your dreams out there, but don’t forget that you have to play a role in getting what you want. Life isn’t about sitting back and waiting, but about taking charge and making the change that you want for yourself.



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