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My biggest goal, as well as my biggest hurdle, is to live a holistic life where I look at myself and others that I work with as a whole person, mind body, and spirit. Right now, I feel like I’m working too much in a medical arena where I am only supposed to look at the mind. I know that it is probably more an issue on my end than in reality, but I work in a medical practice and while I believe there is totally a place for medicine and medical treatment, I want to in a place that is more about looking at the whole person and supporting that.

One of my fears about a holistic lifestyle, is that I won’t find a job with this idea in mind. A more positive way of looking at it is that I can blaze my own trail. While that is a really positive thing, it is also a really anxiety provoking thought and a limiting situation for someone like me who has a hard time with confidence in themselves and needs a lot of concrete ways of moving through life.

I am still looking for a new job, one that is more stable from a financial standpoint, with the goal to figure out my true path (holistic health related?). I have an interview on Friday this week for a possible supervisors position as well as counseling. It’s really not something I want to do, but I will at least interview and find out more information. As much as I don’t want to, I am considering going back to nursing homes, at least part time to have the ability to have a consistent paycheck and still have the ability to substitute teach or maybe even get in those hours for an internship. My licensure status with DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) is “ready for review”. I think I still need to get 450 hours as a school counselor, but maybe if I find out that is all I need, it will feel more doable. I am hopeful that having 2 days doing what I like will help out with being back in the nursing home (which I don’t want to do).

While I continue to work, I can also try to get more education in the holistic health field like I want to. I will have 3 days of consistent pay and maybe 2 extra days of extra money. I will also maybe have more time and be in a better place emotionally, instead of worrying that I don’t have enough money each week. Just a couple of thoughts, but am I taking the easy way out?I don’t know the right answer to that. I don’t think I want to supervise nor do I feel ready to supervise clinicians. It’s all a work in progress and something that I need to think about.

What are your life goals,professional as well as personal? Do they change? Do you feel like you have to give something up with the hope that you will get something in return even if it isn’t a guarantee?



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