Friday June 21, 2019 was this year’s summer solstice. Over the last few years, I have wanted to celebrate the change of seasons.  The problem is, I never actually think to do anything that actually celebrates it. This summer solstice was no different. I looked up some ways to celebrate. A friend posted about celebrating the summer solstice like she celebrates the different change in season and I even asked what she does. I didn’t see a response so I had to go with what I found. I decided to make pork chops/tenderloin medallions with farro, summer squash, and peach salsa. I was a delicious meal and pretty summery. I didn’t do anything else other than a couple of online retreats to celebrate the solstice. The thing is, I was and am still so far behind on these retreats. I did listen to one of the solstice retreats and took notes, but I didn’t do the actual creating for it. I am still 4 days late and tomorrow will be 5 days. The one that I have somewhat finished was from Cat Caracelo and the other retreat is the Woman Unleashed that I have done many times before. I love the Woman unleashed retreat. I always have so much fun when I do these retreats. I just feel like I don’t have enough time right now. I guess when I think about it, I realize that I do have some rituals that celebrate the change in seasons.

I was over a family member’s house and we were talking about seasons, specifically fall and this family member stated that fall is when her depression starts. She stated that she sees the fall as death and depression and miserableness. These are not her exact words, but the sentiment behind what she spoke about. It made me think and made me want to celebrate the seasons even more. I talked to this family member a little about trying to change the way she sees the fall and the winter. It made me think about how I see the seasons too. I honestly love the fall. It feels alive and vibrant to me even though I know that things are dying and going dormant and spring is more the traditional time of rebirth. For me, winter and summer are the tough seasons. I hate the extreme weather of these seasons, but I am going to try to see things differently starting with the year’s summer season. 

My husband and I, ok mostly my husband, have been working at making our yard a little nicer, a little more of a backyard sanctuary; at least that’s how I see it. I spent today enjoying some absolutely beautiful weather. Today was a really warm and sunny day and in the sun, it was almost too hot for me. In the shade though, it was extremely beautiful. I am trying to look at ways to enjoy summer, even though the heat drives me crazy and makes me miserable. Like I suggested to my family member, I need to change the way I see summer and instead of just seeing the heat that I hate, I need to see how the heat keeps me warm and causes the plants to grow and our food to grow. Winter is a similar issue. I hate the extreme cold, though I would rather the cold than the heat because I can always add layers and be outside, where as the summer heat makes me want to be inside in the air conditioning. The winter, for me, is a time for rest and renewal; to get ready for the rebirth of the spring. The long days of summer are great, but the short winter days are tough. I think it is more the lifestyle we are required to live in today’s world that makes those short days tough. Short days can be helpful when it comes time to rest, but life doesn’t always allow us to rest like we should. 

There are so many things that I want and need to practice when it comes to living with the seasons. I want to look at the different rituals, that are not necessarily Christian or Catholic, but what is considered more pagan rituals. I still have a hard time with saying pagan rituals as a positive because of how I was raised, but there is nothing wrong with pagan rituals. I want to learn how to eat with the seasons; more raw and fresh, light foods in the summer and more cooked, root veggies, and casserole type foods that are heavier in the winter. The spring and the fall are probably more in the middle of these types of foods. So many things to learn and not enough time to learn them.

What are your thoughts about the seasons? Do you like a certain season more than others? Why?



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