Self Reflection

I didn’t finish out May completely. I missed 2 days of writing about Mental Health/Wellness Awareness, but I am overall really proud of what I wrote and how often I wrote. There are many ways to help make sure that you have mental wellness which is important for all of us. One thing I do often is to do a self reflection. I often ask myself, “Am I where I want to be?”. 

If I ask myself this now, the answer is kind of. Some of my major life goals have been met. As a very basic goal, I am a functioning adult. I have a masters degree. I have a career. I am doing therapy. I am married to a great guy that supports me in all areas of my life. I have 3 great children that drive me crazy (in the best way) and make me love life. I have great in laws that I love. My biological family is not as close as I would like it, but when push comes to shove we are there for each other. I have hobbies and interests that I try to make a big part of my life.

During this self reflection, I am finding that there are things that I need to work on. One area is my finances, another area is my career, and another area is my health. I need to be better at budgeting. I have never been good at that. My career is another area that I need to think about. While having my MSW is amazing and has given me a career for the past 22 years, it is not the career I want anymore. My health, while overall is good, could be tweaked quite a bit.

Financially I don’t have much to say. I need to make a budget and follow it. I need to make sure that I have a job that helps to provide for me and my family. 

Career wise, this is an area that I have struggled with for years. I just want to make enough money to help support my family and I want to be able to say I love what I do. I like what I do and it is ok, but I want and need something more. I was thinking about it this morning and I realized I have no idea where I can look. I guess I need to start with what I want to look for, but even then, I don’t know where I can do what I want to. When I think about what to look for, I think about my love of creativity, my love of holistic health, my love of helping people. What can I do with that. That is what I am reflecting on currently and I hope that I can figure it out sooner than later. The other thing that is really important to me is being there for my family. I want a job that allows me flexibility and a good schedule to help with homework, do fun things, be there when they need someone to talk to, etc.

My health is another area that I need to focus on. Overall, I am pretty healthy. I am a little overweight and could eat better. I do have high blood pressure and eating better and losing weight could be helpful as well as increasing my exercise and my ability to relax without doing nothing. I need to get on a better cleaning schedule and get more organized as well as get rid of things. I have been trying to do better at not printing out everything I see. Getting organized and cleaning as well as making time for mindfulness practices will not only help my physical health, but will also help my mental health.

When I do a self-reflection, I notice that the things that I need to focus on don’t really change. They are things that I need to work on constantly and probably always will. I believe doing self reflection is an important part of our holistic health. It is also important to do something with the self reflection and not just reflect.

Do you do a self reflection? Do the outcomes of the reflection change? Do you do anything with what you realize or do you do nothing? I haven’t been doing anything with what comes up for me and I am realizing that it is important to do something with what you figure out.



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