Mental Health Awareness Month Day 23 Hiking

Local hiking trail

Do you hike? Do you get out in the woods and embrace the nature that is all around us? I love to hike and don’t do it near enough. Somedays I love sitting in the woods/forest and relaxing and other days I like to be more active. 

Going for a hike allows me to exercise while being able to enjoy the outdoors. Getting in the exercise and using my senses allows me to calm down and relax. It allows me to have a way to relieve stress that is going on in my life. 

Like I mentioned in another post, using your senses is a great way to destress, become more present, and enjoy life. When I am hiking, I see the trees maybe even animals if I look, I smell the earth, I hear the animals, I feel the weather, and sometimes, I taste the snack or the water I bring and if I’m really lucky, I get to taste food along the trail that mother nature has provided. In one of my local places to hike, there are loads of blueberry bushes that one can eat. There are also mint plants along the trails that are fun to taste.  There are so many things to experience when one is hiking.

Eating blueberries on the side of the trail

I also mentioned in another post, doctors are now prescribing people to get out in nature. They have long prescribed/recommended exercise, but now doctors are seeing the benefit of getting outside and exercising. Exercise in nature, like taking a hike, gets you moving, gets your blood flowing and your breath moving, increases happy hormones, gets rid of restless energy, and so much more. There is even a name for this, ecotherapy.

One of the really nice things about hiking and getting out in nature is it’s fairly inexpensive. The things you need to get hiking are things you more than likely already have. You need comfortable weather appropriate clothing, good safe shoes, and maybe a snack and water. Once you locate trails you may want to bring a map so you don’t get lost. As you get more involved, you can get more involved supplies. For my local hikes, I make sure I have a decent pair of shoes on, clothing appropriate for the weather (layering is usually a good idea), water, and sometimes a snack. I have been hiking for a number of years so I have good clothing to hike in, hiking boots, a hydration pack or 2 depending how long I am hiking and where I am going and with who.

Try to get out and do a small hike! Does it sound interesting?I think it does!



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