Mental Health Awareness Month Day 20 Water

Do you find that water relaxes you? Is it all water or specific kinds of water? By that, I mean is it the ocean, a lake, a hot tub, a bath, or does it even matter. For me, water has always been relaxing. I loved swimming as a child. I grew up and now live in the same town that is well known for its lake and swam there often as a kid. I still love spending time there now as an adult and with my own kids. Unfortunately, you really can swim in it, but they now rent kayaks there and that is amazing.  I have always loved the ocean. We would go often as a family when I was a kid and I would go often as a teen. After I got my license, I would often drive to the ocean at night and just sit there and relax. I even thought that I wanted a house on the beach so much that my friends wrote about it in my yearbook. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that there are storms that can wreak havoc on homes on the ocean, so I am more interested in having access to the ocean, but would love a house on a lake!

What is it about water that is so calming? If you really think about it, and I didn’t until just now, Things are usually calmer and quieter at the beach. Ok, so maybe in the middle of summer or peak tourism season, the beach isn’t quiet, it’s at least filled with sounds of people having fun and hopefully enjoying life. There are studies that show just being around water increases dopamine and decreases cortisol. These are two stress hormones that when regulated, help you feel more calm. In doing research for this post, I read an article that talked about research on how green and blue are calming, water and trees. These are two calming images for me. The only thing more calming or just as calming is the moon. The interesting thing about that is that the moon and water are connected too.

I often talk to my patients about the benefit of a bath or even a shower for those who are not fans of the bathtub.  The other thing to think about when thinking about water is making sure that you hydrate your body. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, so when we are not hydrated, our bodies are physically stress and that puts more stress on our mental and spiritual health. It is really important to ensure that we drink enough water, not fluid, water. I know for me, I don’t drink enough in general, but I certainly don’t drink enough water. 

As an aside, today I found out that it is recommended that I have a breast biopsy for an area of calcification. More than likely it is not an issue, but with my family history, itis recommended that I find out what it is. I have always wanted to be better at living a natural life and following a good diet. With this information, I am thinking that I need to make this more of a focus. I need to monitor my diet, but I also need to focus on my stress relief. I need to make some changes and enjoy life. Even if this biopsy shows a benign spot, I need to make changes to my stress levels as a preventative measure.

How can you add more water to your life? Do You hydrate enough? 



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