Mental Health Awareness Month Day 18 Journaling

My journal

Journaling is one of my personal and professional go to’s for coping skills. Probably the only ones I suggest more often are mindfulness/meditation and creativity. I took a journaling conference a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Journaling can be as simple as a brain dump, or more complex with writing about what you are feeling. There are some people who benefit from journaling prompts to help you get started writing. 

Journaling is beneficial for helping depression, anxiety, and stress management. By journaling, you can deal with your emotions more effectively. Journaling helps you manage your stress better. It allows you to get your thoughts and feeling out of your head so that you don’t continuously ruminate on them. The other things that we sometimes don’t think about is writing about the positives. Sometimes we get so caught up in our problems that we forget the good things in life. Writing a gratitude or positivity journal can help us refocus our negative thoughts and see the good in life more easily.

There are different types of journals. Some are written, some are pictures, some photos, some a combination of many different things. There are vacation journals, nature journals, gratitude journals, and any others. It can be formal or informal, even just a basic notebook. The most important part of journaling is getting out your thoughts or memories and putting them on paper. 

Do you journal? What kind of journaling do you do?



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