Mental Health Awareness Month Day 17 Herbs

I have often thought about becoming an herbalist and working with people who have issues with stress overload, anxiety, and depression. My problem is I want to learn so much about different natural, non-pharmacological ways of coping, but there just isn’t enough time or money to be able to do all I want to. I feel like my goals are to work with people who are functioning overall, but could be functioning so much better. I wish I had more money to be able to take the time to learn all I want to and help people get off their anti anxiety medication or at least use it as a last resort vs. using it as a first line of defense. 

As with anything, this post is not to take the place of a thorough exam by a professional, but it is a decent starting point for people who have small periods of stress, sadness, and anxiety. 

I need to take the time to educate myself on the benefits of herbs and scents that can help with stress, anxiety, and depression. There are certain herbs that can help a variety of different things. One thing I learned, while doing an online CEU program, is that anti-anxiety meds, while effective in the short term, are not effective in the long term. What is effective is learning coping skills for anxiety and stress. Depression can benefit from coping skills, but unless it is situational, probably needs medication along with it. Herbs can be a coping skill that can go along with other coping skills such as meditation to help you feel better.

Honestly, there is probably too much information out there for me to try to synthesize into a post here. I certainly do not know enough to even try to suggest what herbs to use. Herbs are certainly something to look at for mild anxiety, stress, and depression, but it’s also important to talk to a mental health practitioner in person before trying anything. It is also important to talk to a herbalist who is knowledgeable regarding how to use herbs appropriately. 

Herbal remedies are just another option when looking at treating or coping with stress, depression, and anxiety



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