Mental Health Awareness Day 13 Yoga

Yoga is something that I have tried to get into. I have attempted a couple of different classes and have even tried t on my own. I haven’t been able to stick with it and that really makes me feel sad. I would love to have a good yoga practice where I spend a couple of minutes, ok more like 20-30 minutes  at least every day to help fuel my body and my soul. I have taken a couple of classes and even taken a social work conference where I learned about how different postures or asanas benefit our mental health. What I haven’t done is what I tell my patients/clients, practice. I need to take time to make time for yoga.

There are different asanas that help us relax or help us get energy. These asanas are different yoga positions that create different feelings in our bodies. Different positions, create either energy or relaxation. I need to make time to stretch and do yoga poses. I think the child’s pose is my favorite. I would love to do tree pose with better balance. Child’s pose is my favorite relaxation pose and tree pose is my favorite standing pose. It’s interesting that tree pose is one of my favorite poses since I love trees. 

I need to explore more about yoga. I know there are certain different asanas that do different things for our bodies and I need to learn more about how those different asanas effect our physical and mental health. What I can say is different asanas can take our bodies from fight or flight (sympathetic system) to relaxation (parasympathetic system). We can feel more rooted and more centered as well as more at peace with oneself. I need to learn more about the light and the dark as well as how to rise up and do our best. 

Do you do yoga? Do you do it from a spiritual perspective or for exercise. Is it more of a trend or do you practice it as a lifestyle?



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