Mental Health Awareness Month Day 11 Art Journaling

Have you ever spent time trying art journaling?  What is art journaling? Art journaling is a form of journaling that allows the creator of the journal a way to keep a record of their thoughts and feeling both with words and with pictures. Sometimes there are no words for the thoughts or the feeling, but sometimes there are pictures that help us express what we need to. Sometimes, there are prompts that can help us when we are having trouble expressing ourselves. What I love about art journaling, and journaling in general, is that there is really no wrong way to do it. I think it is an extremely forgiving way to express oneself and something that can wither be shared or kept to oneself.

I love the above art journal page. I was given a prompt and basic drawing direction, but got to embellish the way I wanted. The page at the right was pretty much the same with regards to directions, but the drawing doesn’t resonate as much. What completely resonated was the prompt and the written journaling that came from the prompt. The day I did this page, I needed to get  out what I wrote about, but I don’t know if I realized how to get it out. 

My art journal is a complete mashup of only pictures, only words, positive mantras, written thoughts, and a combination of both written words and pictures on the same page. There are even pages that have collaged pictures or words on them. I completely love my art journal and should use it more often. What I love about my art journal is I have made it completely my own. It is a $5 journal from Michael’s and I completely love their journals. They have a lot of pages, look nice, are inexpensive, yet I feel like I have a really nice journal. I have this one that I am working in and I took time to make the cover my own. I have another one, that I haven’t started yet, and I went old school and covered it with a brown paper bag. My goal for this month is to use my journal more often.

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