Mental Awareness Month Day 6 Sewing

Rice Pillow with removable cover

How do you maintain your mental wellness? This month, I am going to talk about the different ways that I try to maintain my mental health or the different goals that I have to work on maintaining my mental health and wellness. Today, I plan to talk about sewing and how it helps me and how it can theoretically help others in their mental wellness.

For me, sewing is a connection to my past. I first learned to sew when I was a little kids. My paternal grandmother was an amazing seamstress and she was really the one that taught me to sew. My mom sewed and her paternal grandmother sewed, so I feel like I have sewing on both sides of my family. I love the connection to my family’s past and the memories that it bring back. I also love that I am passing this skill and activity on to all three of my kids. They don’t all love to sew, but you never know what may happen as they grow and get older.

My daughter at her 4H sewing club

Another reason, at least for me, that I love sewing is that it can be either a way to create beautiful decorative items, or beautiful useful items. I love art quilts and the amazing wall hangings that some people make. I also love clothes or quilts that people create. I love that you can take many pieces of fabrics and decorative items and put them together to create a beautiful item. You essentially cut up fabric and sew it together and create something new. Pretty good metaphor for life, take fragmented pieces of our life and sew them together to create new and beautiful items.

Another piece for me is the mindfulness factor. When you are sewing, you need to pay attention to the present moment. You can not be distracted by other things or bad things can happen. I have cut myself with a sharp rotary cutter, as well as had a needle for a sewing machine go through my finger more than once. Yes, you can get hurt sewing, and yes I have, but I have healed and moved forward, learning from my mistakes. I learned to pay attention, focus on the present, and not hurt myself nor make silly errors. 

The above are things that I have personally experienced with regards to sewing and mental wellness. I spent a short time trying to research others experiences with sewing and mental wellness. What I found was others experience similar things that I do when I sew. What I also read, was something that i wrote about and learned about when writing about gardening. When you do something that you enjoy, dopamine, the happy hormone gets secreted and we feel happy. 

My daughter modeling my handmade sewn backpack

Yes sewing can benefit our mental wellness and I believe that it helps mine. Do you sew? Have you ever thought about sewing? Do you believe that sewing can benefit your mental wellness?



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