The Making Of Me

earring collection made by me

Do you ever wonder what makes you, well you? Do you ever wonder if you are unique or even what makes you unique? I don’t know that I have ever specially wondered these questions about myself but have often wondered about variations on these themes. Am I special? If so, why? As I get older, I am starting to see things differently.  I am starting to realize that I am unique and that my uniqueness should be celebrated, and I want others to learn that being unique is not only ok, it is important. 

So, what makes me unique or makes me different from others? How can I embrace these qualities once I know what they are? Are there things about me that may seem negative, but when looked at differently, are actually positives?


One of the things that makes me, well, me are all the things that I love, all the things that I am passionate about! My love of creativity, my love of holistic health, my love of nature, my love of mindfulness, my love of learning. I guess, one of the negative things about this is that I have so many passions that I find it difficult to focus on one thing. While I hate that I don’t specialize or while I can’t say that I am proficient in any one area, I like that I have a lot of interests. I do wish however, that I would find one area that I could get proficient in and then work on other areas of proficiency.


I get bored easily so the thought of only having one hobby bothers me. I like having different option to help keep me excited, but also different hobbies that I can do depending on where and when. I really want to make a go of making jewelry, especially earrings. Actually, it was the thought of making earrings that inspired this post. I was thinking about my niece and how when she was going through chemo and had lost her hair, wearing lipstick helped her to feel pretty and girly. As a female who has had extremely short hair, wearing earrings has made me feel much more feminine, which I really liked. I grew up being told that women wear earrings and a necklace every day. While I’m sure that somewhat play a role in how I see earrings, I didn’t always feel that way. It’s really only recently that I started to feel naked without my earrings so the thought of creating earrings for a living is pretty exciting.


As much as I love my other passions, what really make me who I am is my love of creativity. The other things that I think I am passionate about don’t seem to be as strong of a pull. I love them and they are part of me, but I don’t think I could give up being creative as easily as I could give up my other interests. I love being creative and wish I could do it more. I guess I do know who I am and what makes me unique. I guess sometimes, I don’t feel all that unique.

What make you who you are? Do you feel unique or do you feel like everyone else? Do you like being unique or do you wish you were more “normal” (which is really just a setting on the washing machine, nothing else)? BE YOU!



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