Trust In Myself

My mandala

Right now, I am listening to Kathryn Costa from, 100 mandalas, sharing circle. She’s talking about what led up to her current situation with regards to her career and the different experiences and even the different conflicts that led up to the place she is at in her life. I feel like I am at such a crossroad in my life and am really struggling to figuring things out. I have been trying to work on me and how to make me happy. Over the past few years, I have really decided that I am happy with me and my life, except for where I am professionally. Through my current career choice, I am hearing different stories that have been resonating with me. I am hearing people talk about feeling stuck in a career, not following through with their passions, and other things like that. I have decided that I am tired of being unhappy in my career and I need to make a change.

How does one go about making money doing what they are passionate about? I need to take the time to put together a plan and get it down on paper instead of just in my head. I still want to figure out how to use my love of creativity, food, and nature/natural health as a career. If only I was independently wealthy, this would be a much easier transition. I need to find something new by August so that I can give a 1 month notice and start a new job by September. September always seems to be my goal so that I can get through the summer with my family and have some flexibility in my schedule before the kids go back to school.

My word of the year is trust. I am trusting that I will know when it is right to leave my job. I trust that I will know what the right direction to move is. I will trust that I can find a career and be happy and excited to go to work. I have never loved a job. My job and my career have just been a means to make money and survive. I am ready to love what I do, be good at what I do, and feel fulfilled with what I do.

My goal is to take time to learn and plan and grow my passions into something useful and something I believe in. As much as I no longer want to do therapy, I want to work with people and help people. I want to do more than just sit behind a desk and push paper. I want to be creative and healthy, and live a natural holistic life.

What are your goals? What do you want to say yes to? Can you trust yourself to know what’s a good change or a change that makes you happy? These are questions I don’t have answers to, but I want to find the answers and follow through with them!



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