Body, Mind, and Soul and Food

It’s Marathon Monday here in Boston and it’s a miserable rainy day. I was looking forward to taking the kids into Boston after the main marathon was over to show them what it’s like. We may still go in later after the rain is mostly over and walk around the finish line area. We are sitting in the living room watching Morning Joe, while waiting for the marathon to start. I’m not someone who follows politics a lot, but my husband loves MSNBC and Morning Joe. This morning, they just had an interview with Dr. Dave and Mayor Pete Buttigieg on and at the end, Mika was stated how she liked how Mayor Pete talked about how important mental health is. I am a social worker and while I agree that mental health is a hugely important part of our health and one that is often not seen as important, I believe that where we really fail is not looking at our mind. Body, and soul/spirit connection.

The mind, body, soul/spirit connection is something that I am very passionate about, but I don’t always so things that support that connection in my own life. I am working really hard to find ways to strengthen that connection in my own life and learn how to help others support it in their life. I know that, for me, making time to be creative feeds my spirit and my mind. I am probably best at making time to be creative, but I could certainly do it more often. Getting outside is another thing that feeds my soul and I don’t do it nearly enough. The part that I have a really hard time with is feeding my body. I want so badly to eat healthy and eat the right amount, and sometimes I do great, but then I go back to my poor eating habits of eating too much, the wrong types of foods, eating too fast and not enjoying the food I am eating, and getting bored with healthy foods.

Growing plants from seeds

Hiking with kids

Growing Microgreens

What can one do if you are like me and find yourself having a hard time following through with certain beliefs and passions? That is what I am trying to figure out and working really hard at. One thing I am doing is making a base plan for food each day. What does that mean? That means that I know that each day, I am going to plan my dinner meal around beans, chicken, pork, pasta, fish, and beef. Knowing that tonight is a beans and veggie night gives me direction on where to look for recipes. It limits how much of a choice I need to look at. This doesn’t mean that I have to be ridged about my meal plan, but it allows me to not be as stressed but allows me to have fun with meals.

Being part of my community and my daughter trying celery juice

Being part of my community and my son and daughter trying Indian food

Finding healthy foods that feed you body, mind and soul is my newest goal. I plan to spend some time research and learning about foods and spices that taste good and that are good for you. I want to love food and love the way it feeds me body mind and soul. I really want to learn how to teach people about how food can feed your body and keep it healthy and energized. I want to teach people how food can be a not only good for your body, but also to keep your brain healthy and keep your mood in check. I also want to teach people that food is good for your spirit. This may be the biggest part that I want to learn about. If you can find a way to use something you have to have every day, multiple times a day, to make you feel good body, mind, and soul; what could be better than that?

My goals are to learn about food and spices and how they can help you body mind and soul. My love of nature and natural health will play a huge role in this. Growing my own food, using healthy, natural foods to make you happy and healthy is a use goal of mine. Using my love of creativity and my love of mindfulness are also a way to feed my body, mind, and soul. I love that all my passions can be used with my desire to be physically healthy. I love that my passions help me body, mind, and soul; I just need to make sure I follow through with it.

 I have goals, now to follow through with them and then figure out how to make a career with it!



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