Dreams, Passions, Desires

I follow Creative Dream Incubator and am currently doing a free course on following your dreams. I love to sign up for these different free courses and if I had more disposable income or a better budget and more time, I would absolutely pay for a lot of the different courses that I follow. This one, specifically, is very interesting and pretty timely. I am always looking to find my purpose and my dream to create a career around. I also want to know what to do with that dream, purpose, passion and how to use it in a career. I’m hoping that this mini course will provide me some direction since I need to find a new job for September. I can’t continue doing what I dislike so much and I also need to get paid appropriately and not get screwed. I am not going to stand up for this at this time, because I am not sure that I will be here in the next few months and I need to be able to have a job that is truly flexible for another couple of months. I want to be able to spend time with my kids this summer and have some time with my husband before I need to start back full time, hopefully in a career that I love.

My goal is to look at my dreams, my passions, and hopefully find my purpose. One of the questions that this mini course asks is; what is your heart calling you to do? I haven’t quite figured if I know what my heart’s calling is but I think I do. I’ve written about it multiple times. Where I get lost is; “how do I follow my heart’s calling?”. I know I want and need to do something creative. I think I want to do something that is very holistically based. The title of my blog is, “The Wholistic Heart”, for a reason. I love holistic health, even though I don’t practice it nearly enough. I feel like being creative is so important for everyone; it’s just figuring out how to be creative and sometimes looking at things in a different way. I want to do something where I am not stuck in a cubicle doing boring and tedious things. I want to move around and inspire people. I want to help people with stress and anxiety relief, and I want to use mindfulness, nature, creativity, and other holistic means to get there, including but not limited to food, herbs, aromatherapy, etc. I also want to get to a place in my personal life where I am happy with me. That is something I am working on. I am loving that I am growing out my hair. I loved it short and miss it short and funky sometimes, but overall, I am loving that my hair now is mine. I am not trying to fight against the curls. I am not fighting against the greys. I am embracing who I am and where I am going. I am trying to figure out my style and my look so that I am comfortable with me, not what I am told I should be.

I am seriously working on limiting my screen presence. I am allowing myself some time in the am before my day gets going, and maybe some time throughout the day, but that is it! I want to use my screen presence appropriately to learn and connect, but not as an escape. It can so easily become a time sucker and I need to fight against this so that I can work on things that I need to be doing, not finding ways to avoid them. One of the things I need to be doing is researching how and what I need to be doing by September at the latest. I don’t want to leave one job and go to another only to find that I am stuck in the same rut. I think I am burning out as a social worker and I think I need something less intense and personal. The personal piece may be alright, just not the intensity piece.

How can I find my passion or at least how can I use my passion in a career? I need to look outside the box and see what else is out there. What is your passion/s or your dream/s? Have you got a career utilizing them or do you suck up your job as a job and save your passions for your personal life? Can you follow your dream/s or passion/s in a career or is that not an option?



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