Disordered Eating

I am listening to a webinar on disordered eating from http//www.katiealyssa.com. When I heard the term disordered eating, I had to look up if there was a difference between eating disorder and disordered eating. What I learned was there is a difference. Disordered eating is an “irregular pattern of eating” according to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Eating disorders are disorders that must meet specific criteria. The problem is, disordered eating can lead to eating disorders.

Listening to what she is currently taking about is difficult to hear. I remember being the oldest of 3 girls and my two sisters were always teeny. I was never fat; I was probably just a normal size. I remember my grandmother talking about how I was heavier than my sisters, who were like a size 0 and I was like a size 16 kids or maybe a 3 or a 5 in juniors. I was never a size 0. My highest was a size 9 juniors as a teen and I started my first diet, weight watchers. This was back in the 80’s so I’m not sure what those sizes look like compared to now, but I am so sad that I thought I was fat back then.

I remember having issues with eating too much and eating so much that I would make my self throw up. My mother even took me to the doctor, and he said that I had an issue with my sphincter muscle not closing correctly so I didn’t know wen to stop eating. This was my excuse for years, and even now at almost 46, I will use this as an excuse. Maybe that is a part of the problem, but the question is it an excuse or is it a reason to be more conscious of my eating habits?

When I look closely at my eating habits, I see a lot of things that I could do differently and do better.  That is not a judgment, but it is something that I need to look at. I have created many bad habits that have led me to where I am today. I need to sit down and take an inventory of where I am with my eating habits and see what I need to change.  One area I need to work on is with the foods I choose to put n my body. There are so many good nourishing yummy foods that can be both satisfying and healthy at the same time. My love of mindfulness is an important piece to remember. Eating mindfully will help me to slow down and chew my food which will help with my ability to swallow with out feeling like I literally have food stuck in my throat because I actually do. It will also help me digest my food which is so important with our fast paced always on the go culture. I will also help me to taste and enjoy the food that I am eating which will help me feel more satisfied. The other big piece is it will give my stomach and my brain time to communicate with eat other and hopefully I’ll realize I have even enough before I am overly full.

My love of natural and holistic health as well as creativity will help me eat yummy tasting healthy foods that will feel satisfying. My goal is to learn about putting foods together, learning about healthy foods and superfoods that will nourish me and give me what I need to have energy and nourishment so I will not crave foods that are not healthy. Hopefully my love of gardening will help me have healthy veggies right outside my back door.

I am looking forward to learning more about food and how it affects us body, mind, soul/spirit. There is nothing wrong with indulging occasionally, but you should be enjoying food every time you eat it. Food can be creative and so satisfying if you let yourself enjoy.

Do you have a disordered relationship with food and eating practices? Do you eat to enjoy and nourish your body/mind/soul/spirit or is it just to fuel your body because you must and not because you are nourishing yourself from the inside out?

I am looking forward to learning about food and how it relates to our body, mind, and spirit/soul and then passing on that information to others.

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