Healthy Living

What does healthy living even mean? Is it something that comes naturally, or is it something that one has to work at? For me it’s unfortunately, something I need to work hard at. It’s something I totally believe in and want to do more with, but it is not something that comes naturally to me. I think part of it is how I was raised. While I was raised to be overall healthy, I was also not raised to follow the beliefs that I have now. 

So, what does it mean to be healthy and what or how have my beliefs changed over time? For me, healthy living means looking at your whole being and making sure that you are taking care of your body, your mind, and your soul/spirit. I think, overall I am average. I could certainly do better, but I could certainly do worse. I have some good habits that are just starting and some habits that I need to take a good look at and make some really important changes.

Am I living a healthy life for my body? Some days are really good, and some days are not so good. I never thought I would say this, but I think I have an issue with food addiction and social media/internet/TV addiction. As I typed that last line, I just went to check Facebook. My addiction to food can be a major issue. I am somewhat overweight and have high blood pressure, but what concerns me more is my inability to stop eating once I am full. I am learning that I eat just to eat, not because I need to fuel my body. I think one of the major changes that I, as well as a lot of people, need to make is to look at food as fuel (for the most part). There are certainly times that food is fun, a way of celebrating, a way to honor traditions, a way to celebrate culture, but for the most part, we eat to fuel our bodies to keep strong and get through the day with good positive energy. I don’t want to look at food as a good or bad thing. I want to look at food and look to see what it is giving me when I am eating it. Am I eating it for fuel? Am I eating to celebrate? Am I eating just because (I’m bored, I want the taste, it is that time)? There are certainly times that I am going to eat and drink things that are not the healthiest for me, but hopefully those times are few and are cherished. It’s the eating just because that scares me. There is no need to eat just because and those are the times that I need to watch. My social media addiction affects me body, mind, and soul/spirit. For my body, social media/internet can be helpful for recipes and resources, but it can also be a time sucker if one is not careful. It can also promote unhealthy body issues as well as unhealthy mind and soul/spirit issues. I need to limit my time on the internet.

Am I living healthy for my mind? My food intake can affect my mind also. If I am not eating healthy, my brain isn’t getting the nourishment it needs to perform. Being on the computer too much, whether social media or just surfing the web, is not healthy for your mind either. Not just the computer but watching too much TV has become an issue for me too. I used to be an avid reader, but I’ve noticed that I just can’t sustain reading anymore. I thought maybe, it was because I had a focus/ADD/depression issue, but I then I heard part of a story how social media specifically, but I can imagine TV and the internet do the same, changes how your brain works and basically makes it so you can’t pay attention as well to longer stories and things around you. Now that I write that, I wonder if there is any correlation between internet/TV/social media use and ADHD diagnoses? I know what I need to do, but just like any other addiction, it takes work to change and when the culture is so into social media specifically, but always plugged in in general, it is hard to change. Maybe I need to look at going unplugged for a certain portion of my day, including TV shows, not just my social media accounts?

Am I living healthy with regards to my soul/spirit? While my mind and my body are important, I think my soul/spirit are almost more important. Honestly, I think all three work together extremely closely, but if your spirit is broken, it’s hard to get well body and mind. What do I need to nourish my soul/spirit? I need to eat healthy, make time to create, get out in nature, and practice mindfulness. For me, if I do these things, it will nourish my body, mind, and spirit/soul. I don’t do these things nearly enough, but when I do, I feel re-energized and relaxed. I took our cub scout den on a hike in our local hiking area and I reminded myself and my husband that we have these beautiful woods in our backyard, basically, and I don’t take advantage of it like I should. With the beautiful weather coming, I need to get out there more often.

I feel like taking care of my soul/spirit allows me to take care of my mind and my body and live that wholistic life that I want to live. What do you do to live a wholistic life? How do you care for your body, mind, and soul/spirit?



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