Working On My Wholistic Heart

I’ve been trying to work on my wholistic heart on a daily basis. What does that even mean and what am I doing to work on it? I am working on small changes to live the life that my heart is begging me to live. It’s also learning what it is that my heart is yearning for. That being said, what is my heart yearning for? My heart is yearning for me to slow down, do the things I love, figure out my career, eat healthy, make time for good supportive rest, and doing things that truly make me happy.

April 2nd started The 100 Day Project. Last year was the first year that I heard about it and tried to participate for all 100 days. This is a project that, I guess, has happened every spring for the past 6 years. It’s an online project where people get together and explore their creativity. I hate to admit that I haven’t really looked at the website. I have pretty much only been instagramming my creative endeavors. I’m not the best or most knowledgeable about instagram so I pretty much take pictures of the things I create and #the100dayproject. I missed day 1, but so far made things on day 2 and day 3. This is my way of trying to take a few minutes a day and do what I love; be creative.

My goddess drawing holding a heart and a rainbow outfit to show that it is important to be inclusive and cheerful, and bright.

My sewing project to prepare myself for my daughter’s 4H group. I missed a section of the directions, not thinking I needed it, but after completing the sewing, I now know why I needed that section of directions. I’m not really mad that I “screwed up” because that was the point of sewing it beforehand. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing!

For the past 7 days, I have been trying to focus on my diet and think about what I am eating, drinking, and putting into my body. I am questioning if what I am putting in my body is providing fuel or not. I started looking at the amount of coffee I drink and given that I have high blood pressure, I decided that I should probably not put as much caffeine into my body. I also realized that I need to increase the amount of water I drink in general. I have tried to make sure that I drink water before I have my first cup of coffee. Sometimes that is not possible, but I can at least make sure that I have water available to me throughout my day. I am also trying to plan better for meals. I’ve decided that I I need to eat healthier and one way I am doing that is by having a green smoothie in the morning. Green veggies and fruit and an avocado are a great way to start the day. Yesterday was my favorite, with frozen cherries, kale, banana, and avocado. I could have added dark cocoa powder, but it was yummy without. I used water, so no extra fat except for the avocado. Like I wrote yesterday, I am planning to start a meal plan for the week. I should follow through with it this week, but I have already had beef and fish in this weeks rotation. Since I am not a fish fan, I may skip fish tonight.

Green smoothie in my mason jar

Nature has been a little tough for me. I want to get out there and explore and relax, but it can be difficult with schedules. I think it’s important to look at nature in a broader sense and sometimes I find that hard to do. We have gotten out there and started yard work and getting the garden ready as well as planting seeds with the goal to transplant them when the weather is warmer. We are going on a hike Sunday with our cub scout den. I’m really looking forward to this. It’s not going to be as relaxing and enjoyable as if I were with just my family, but getting in the woods is something I am looking forward to. 

Seedlings and microgreens started

Garden had its first tilling of the season

My mindfulness practice is sorely missing. I need to make time for it daily and like with nature, I need to look at it as more than just setting aside 20+ minutes for a mindfulness practice. I need to see it as taking 2 minutes to breathe, taking 2 minutes to ground myself, taking 2 minutes to think of something positive, and so many more short activities that bring me back to the present moment. Taking time to actually enjoy my food instead of scoffing it down like someone is going to steal it from me, is one way I can be mindful, enjoy my food without overeating, actually taste my food, and feel satisfied with what I eat. Taking time to be creative everyday allows me to be present and relaxed. Taking time to be outside and thankful for nature is a great way to be present.

Enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning

How do you care for your heart? Do you make time to care for you and your heart? It’s not selfish to take time for you. We all need to take time to build up our reserves so that we can get back to caring for others. Helps others, but don’t forget about yourself in the process!



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