What’s Important To Me

When I think about what is important to me, I keep going back to the same things. Other than my family, my belief in living a “wholistic” life is what is important to me. The question is, how can I make sure that I follow through with my beliefs and make sure that I do what is important to me?  

So, what is important to me? My belief in nature, healthy food, mindfulness, and creativity. These are just the main topics of my beliefs, and within these, I can break it down into so much more. My goal is to break these large topics down and work with them so that I can make sure that I follow through with them to their fullest.

If I were to start with nature, I would break it down into actual mother earth nature as well as natural foods, natural health, natural living. I need and want to spend more time in nature, whether it’s in my backyard, the ocean, the woods, etc. with the weather improving, I plan to get outside more and enjoy my backyard. I plan to spend more time out there in the garden growing my own food, creating an herb garden for food and medicine, relaxing by my fire pit reading and practicing my mindfulness practices, and spending time with family and friends. Nature, to me is also living a natural life with regards to what I eat and how I treat my illnesses and stress. 

Seed starting for growing my own food 

Creativity is another one of my passions. It’s my go to for stress relief. It’s my go to to feel good. It’s my way to help others. Being creative in the kitchen is also a great way to follow through with my food passion.

Creativity helps me feel relaxed and connected

Speaking of food passion, my latest goal is to follow my passion for food and health and be creative with what I eat as well as feeding my body and my mind. Having picky kids makes if hard to be creative but I need to stop letting that tule what I make for meals. I need and want to be creative as well as be healthy. My husband and I need to be around for my kids and my kids need to develop healthy habits to bring into adulthood. 

Indian style lentil and homemade chapati

Probably my biggest passion and one I just realized today is stress management. I used to think that my way of dealing with stress was through mindfulness practices, but what I am realizing and I think I have realized before, is that while mindfulness is a great way of managing stress, but that there are different forms of mindfulness including, food, creativity, and nature, as well as meditation and yoga and breathing (all the things we usually think of when we think of mindfulness practices).

My wall of Mindfulness

What is important to you? How do you keep hold of and practice what is important to you or do you wish you had a better hold of what is important to your life?



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