Today is March 24th and here in the northern hemisphere, we are days into spring. Like I said in a prior post, Spring is a time of renewal and growth, both literally and figuratively. I wrote a little about my goals and dreams and what I want to “plant” and “grow” with regards to them, and today, I along with my husband and children started planning our garden and planning what we are going to literally grow.

Today’s purchase of seeds and supplies

Here, just north of Boston, today’s weather was gorgeous! We started chicken farming last year and overall, made it through the winter without too much of an issue. We did, unfortunately, lose 2 chicken and we have 3 Plymouth Rock Chickens that don’t seem to get along with our family. We are planning on giving them to my youngest sister (who is a vet), who just bought a farm in Connecticut. Today, we just added 6 more chicken, New Hampshire reds, which are much more like our production red that we love.

Our new chicks

I am very excited to start planning my veggie and herb garden. As I write, I am listening to an online talk on herbs. I am looking forward to planting my veggies and looking forward to being able to get out there and harvest good healthy foods that are grown in my backyard without pesticides.  I wish I liked eggs more because we get an egg from each chicken each day. Once these new chicks start to lay, we will have a dozen eggs every 2 days. I love going out to the coop and picking up the eggs. 

There are days that I wish hanging out at home gardening, having my mini “farm” and creating was my actual job. I wish that I could figure out a way to use my passions and dreams as my career. I wish that my home and town were more like the fantasy towns in my head from my books and my movies, but towns like that don’t really exist. 

I plan to enjoy springtime and really start to follow things I want to be doing. I am trying to be open and honest about what I want out of both my personal and my professional life. Do you enjoy the change in seasons? What is your feelings about Springtime? What is Springtime like where you live?



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