Who Do I Want To Be (Planting the Seeds of My Dreams)


The Spring equinox happening today and I am trying to start a tradition of celebrating the change in seasons. With spring comes renewal and growth and I am certainly ready for some renewal and growth in my life. I have been wanting to start celebrating the changes in seasons and have traditions to celebrate with my family, but I have never followed through. Today marks the day that I am starting a new tradition of celebrating the seasons. I plan to start working harder on my goals and my dreams and to start living a thriving happy life. I have a lot of great things in my life that I am truly grateful for, but there are also things that I am settling for and settling is never ok.

I have been super proud of the fact that I have started to take chances with my physical looks and trying not to let society judge me for how I look. I have taken chances, at least for me they are chances, by having an undercut, basically shaving the underpart of my hair, and having a short pixie with it as well as coloring it different colors. While I have loved being different in my looks, I am ready to just be my natural self. This is actually a really hard decision to make because people have come to expect my hair to always be a different color and always short. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to go with out coloring my hair or letting it grow, but the thing is, I can change how I want it. I want to be the fun, free, natural, bohemian soul that I long to be.

The other place where I am settling is with my food intake. I am trying to be better when it comes to the food I eat and the food that I give my husband and children. I want to eat foods that are natural and healthy. I plan to look to foods that are anti-inflammatory which I think will benefit all of my family. I know my husband and myself can benefit from this as well as my children. Honesty, looking at the foods that are anti-inflammatory, they are pretty much foods that we all should be eating. My goal is to start learning more about the gut brain connection and mood as well as a more functional medicine approach to eating and diet. 

I still want to do more with mindfulness, creativity, and nature, but I need to focus on 1 things first. As I learn more about diet and functional medicine as well as the gut brain connection, I can then add in other piece of living a holistic life. I want and need to learn about how the foods we eat affect us physically and mentally or emotionally and then I want to add in my other passions. I can certainly do more than just food, but I think food is the place to start so that I don’t get overwhelmed

Writing this and listening to a webinar (that was really all about selling a product/service) has been really helpful in giving me some focus. I need to get my and my family’s health in order. I need to feel better and learn how to help others feel better. I need to get out of this current job that I just can’t do anymore. 

Do you have any special traditions for change of seasons? This is my first and I’m hoping to continue with each season.



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