Self Evaluations and Confession

I have been doing more and more self evaluations and I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a change. One way to make that change is to be honest and confess that I haven’t even come close to following through with my beliefs and my goals. I don’t make time to practice mindfulness, I don’t make time to plan my healthy meals and eat so that I can get to my weight loss goals, I have been doing ok with my creativity plans but not great, I haven’t been journaling or getting outside or even unplugging for some time. While these are all important, my eating is what I really need to focus on. 

My confession is: I have been paying for weight watchers for a while now. I did great in the beginning, but now I have pretty much completely fallen off the wagon. I maybe think before I eat, but I usually just eat what I want because i want it. I feel like I have completely gained all the weight that I have lost and that just feel like a complete failure. 

One thing I always tell my patients is “Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go as you planned or as you wanted them to!”. It’s time to take my own advice. I am going to stop looking at this weight gain as a failure, but look at is as a learning experience. Going back to the self evaluation, one thing I think I have learned is that Weight Watchers may not be the diet for me. It’s a good diet and can actually be used for a lot of people and they can actually succeed. Where it fails for me is getting caught up in the fat free part. I hate eating fat free and I actually believe is isn’t good to eat fat free. I know that I can tailor weight watchers to my eating beliefs, but I am wondering if I am better off following my belief, completely influenced by Michael Pollan, of eating real food, mostly plants, and leave the table a little hungry. He talks about a bit more that I also agree with, but these are my biggest beliefs that I need to follow.

The next part of my self evaluation told me that I need to follow my passions and I need to get more training to be able to do a different career. I kept saying that I was going to have it figured out by the time my husband retired, but that time came and went. I still want to do something with food, nature, mindfulness, and creativity, I just haven’t figured out how. One way that I plan to do it is by attending conferences on these interests so that I get my CEUs for my license as well as training in the beliefs that I want to follow. My nieces, who own Salty Girl Beauty, are a huge inspiration to me. They have other careers, nurse and business woman, but they are following their passions, “Sarah and Leah wished there was a beauty brand that focused on organic, nourishing ingredients but also stood for something bigger than beauty!  So, using their own experiences as their guide, their goal for SaltyGirl Beauty is for women to feel Beautiful, Confident and a little Badass!!!”, a quote from their about us page. They love what they do, they are following their passions, and they are helping people. These are all goals of mine when it comes to figuring out my career. 

My latest creative endeavor

The quote that sits on my desk and my mirror reminding me that I don’t need to follow someone else’s path. I can forge my own!

How often do you do self evaluations? Do you confess to others when things aren’t going the way you planned? Is it important to tell others for accountability or  can you be accountable to yourself? For me, I need to do self evaluations often and hold myself accountable my telling others. I probably should tell people I see every day, but writing this blog is one way to hold myself accountable, at least it is for me.



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