Follow Through

Do you have trouble with follow through? Do you start something all in and then life happens and you don’t follow through? I have the best of intentions quite often, but then it gets difficult and I give up! This is one of my qualities that I hate. I like to think that I follow through with my beliefs, but then I reflect and I realize that I often have very short follow through. One of my better qualities, is that I will often try again, especially once I realize that I am not following through.

In my heart I know that I want a career change. I know that I want something that fuels my belief in natural and alternative health. I know that I need to make time in my own life to live the life I want to teach others to live. I know that I want to be a good example for people in my life as well as for people I work with. This is where I struggle. I want to do certain things. I get excited about things, but then that excitement peters out, even if it does eventually come back strong as ever.

Some of the areas I don’t follow through with enough are around nutrition, mindfulness, creativity, and nature. These are all things that I want to use to help people, but if I don’t do them myself, how can I suggest these to others. My diet follow through is so poor. The follow through is both from eating healthy as well as losing weight. I know what I need to do, I just don’t always do it. I started off doing really well with weight watchers, but I stopped measuring and documenting and counting what my intake is. I admit, I am having a hard time with it because the lower the points, a lot of times, the food is fat free and goes against what I believe. I believe that we should eat full fat foods because they are often less processed, but I want to eat a lot of food and full fat foods are lots of points/calories and I give up. I can’t give up, I need to follow through but in a good way (unlike today when I had leftover carrot cake for breakfast).

I really need to make mindfulness a priority. I spend too much time watching TV and on the web. Spending as much time as I do on Facebook, Instagram, and others sites defeats the idea of living a mindful life. There is nothing wrong with spending limited time on these sites, but it’s so important to limit your screen time, including TV. I need to make time to spend outside and spend that time being mindful. Maybe if I practiced more mindful eating, I wouldn’t have as many food issues as I do.

I am probably best at making time for creativity. It’s what I truly love, but even that can be difficult. I love being creative, but so many non-necessary things take up my time and then when I make time for fun things like creativity, the things I have to do suffer, like laundry. I need and want to learn more about using stories/journaling in a therapeutic way, as well as other creative outlets. 

I need to find the balance that I am always talking about about with patients. I need to allow some time on the computer, but I need to limit it so that I have time for other things. I need to make time to follow through with healthy eating habits so that I can live a healthy life. I need to spend time in nature so that I get the benefits that I desire from nature. I need to be creative and practice mindfulness. I need to make sure I follow through so that I can be happy with the direction that my life moves!



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  1. Namasthe Amy, time is so precious. I also remind myself to be mindful and appreciative. Im better at it now. Kind regards, Kavitha, sunshiny South Africa


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