Ongoing Life Review

What are your thoughts about completing a life review? Do you feel like you have to do it often, or is it something that you do here and there, but don’t really feel like you need it? For me, I feel like I am always doing a life review and I honestly feel like a life review is not only good, but needed. It doesn’t have to be a deep long review, but it can be. It is more about checking in and making sure you are on the right track. 

What does my life review give me? One thing it gives me is the understanding or the reminders that even if I am not actually following my dreams, I am still focused on what my dreams are and what I need to do to keep focused on them. I realize that my dreams are not fleeting and I really do want this, I just need to take a step forward to following my dreams and my passions. Where I struggle, is not the what, but is the how to.

I know that holistic nutrition, mindfulness, nature, and creativity and how they all play a role in our mental health/stress relief/ depression/anxiety, is where my passion lies. I know that I want to learn more about how to use holistic nutrition, nature, mindfulness, and creativity to teach people (adults and kids) how to cope and live a good healthy life as we deal with the multiple stressors that we all face. I’m not sure that I want to work with people who are significantly mentally ill. There are people that are more passionate about that. My passion is working with people who may slip through the cracks and suffer silently.

I guess, doing the life review, even this short little review as I write this, is helping me to see that I know what my goals are and what my passions are. What I am realizing today, is that I need to take time to look at how to make these dreams a reality and step out of this place where I fear taking the next step. I need to put myself out there and take the first step and not be afraid of failure. My goal is to still get into the school system and then build this nutrition, creativity, mindfulness, nature practice around having a full time job that I will hopefully love as well as following these passions.

I am putting it out there that I am taking time to educate myself around these passions and dreams of holistic nutrition, mindfulness, nature, and creativity and how they can help with depression, anxiety and stress. I don’t want to be the person who only dreams and never does anything with their dreams. I need to find my tribe, my group of people that have similar dreams, goals, and passions and learn and support each other.



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