Do you listen? I mean, do you really listen? I’m talking about really listening to others when you are communicating, but also listening to our intuition/our heart, to different signs that the world is giving us, to the compliments that others give us, and so many other things. Unfortunately, at least for me, my listening skills are not as strong when it comes to listening to my intuition or my heart, signs from the universe/world, especially not living to compliments that others give me.

As a social worker, I am trained to actively listen to others. I like to think I do a pretty good job at listening to others. I do listen to my heart, but what I don’t do is follow through with what my heart is telling me. I think that the universe and our intuition or our heart work together. For me, my heart tells me that I need to work with people and use my love of the outdoors, creativity, natural health, and mindfulness. The universe comes into play when I keep coming back to the same dreams and passions everytime I think about what I want to do. My heart tells me one thing and the universe keeps reminding me of what I am passionate about.

I hear what the universe/heart is telling me, but I need to start actually listening and doing something about what I hear. This is the first time I have looked at listening in the way, where I can acknowledge that I hear what I’m being told, but I’m really not actually listening. Sometimes, I think we can hear what we are being told, but we are not actually listening. I can hear things, but if I am not actually listening to what I am being told, then am I really hearing it?

Where I don’t listen or don’t even hear things, is when I am being given compliments about me. I have a really hard time taking compliments and believing them, even when I trust these people. There are certainly people who tell us things and/or give us compliments who just say things to be nice, but may not actually mean what they say or are not authentic in what they say. I have a hard time hearing compliments from those people, but also from people who I love and trust and who I believe are authentic in what they are telling me. 

I wasn’t really sure where this post was going to end up when I first started writing. I am now seeing this post as a way to see where I am with my listening behavior. I am seeing for the first time that I do hear things, but I don’t always listen to what I being told and that is such a huge thing.  We can hear things, but if we don’t actually do anything with what we hear, are we actually listening to what we are being told.

My take away from this post is: you may hear things, but you need to take action to actually say you are listening to what you are being told, it is really important to figure out who is giving you compliments and are they authentic or are they just giving you lip service?, are they authentic in what they are telling you?, trust what the universe keeps reminding you of. Do you actually listen or are you just hearing things without taking action?



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