Our Heart’s Purpose

The wall in front of my desk

Do you think that your heart has a purpose?  If you believe that your heart has a purpose, do you know what it is? Do you follow your heart’s purpose? I am starting to learn what my heart’s purpose is, but now it’s time to figure out how to shape and share who I am.

I get tired of hearing how we don’t need to feel like our job makes us happy, like it’s our life’s purpose. I love my training as a social worker, as someone who works with people and helps people, but I don’t want to do traditional social work. I want to help people with their eating, with their mindfulness practices, with their creativity. I want to be part of something bigger than myself. 

Where I am struggling is figure out a group of people that have similar interests and beliefs as I do. I not only want this, but believe that I actually need and truly benefit from being part of something bigger than I am. I don’t want to do it alone. 

I keep doing these online summits and I love them. They inspire me to follow my heart and live that wholistic life that I desire. These summits also frustrate me as I have no idea how to follow though with my passions. I need to take a moment and figure out what I can do to actually follow through instead of just listening and not taking action. 

One of the things that can frustrate me is not knowing how to find my group of like minded individuals. I love being with people in person. I hate phone calls, I want in person communication. My goals, as I have written before, are to narrow down what I want and be very specific and then take action. I can probably narrow down my goals, it’s the taking action part that is really hard. I want and actually need to find that group of others to learn from and share with.

Do you have a plan to follow your heart’s purpose? Do you get frustrated tying to figure out a plan?

The photos I added are from signs I bought while I was on vacation in Bar Harbor and Acadia National park. These all speak to me and help me to remember what I need to do in life.



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