Nutrition, Creativity, Nature, Mindfulness, and Natural Health

The title of this blog post pretty much describes all my passions. Of course, I am passionate about my husband and my kids and my extended family and friends, but my passions for things are these. What I am realizing, is that even though I am passionate about these things, I don’t always follow through with these things. When I sit down and review my interests and my passions, I keep going back to these. What this tells me, is that there is something more there. I need to take some responsibility to actually follow through with making these passions more a part of my life. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it over and over until I actually follow through, but I need to stop using my phone and start making time for these passions.

When I think about nutrition, I keep hoping that one day, after taking the time to learn, I will start being able to eat right and eat healthy without having to think really hard about what I should be eating. My goal is that I will stop overeating, start eating more healthy foods like vegetables and not so much sugar. I would love to stop eating as much meat, not necessarily giving it up. I want to take the knowledge that I have about nutrition and synthesize all the good things from the different nutrition ideas that I have learned over the years. One of the big things that I need to remind myself and be really conscious about is the 80/20 rule. I need to eat until I’m 80% full. I need to eat 80% veggies and 20%protein. I really need to stop eating processed foods and start or keep making my own foods. I need to really be good with my garden this year so that I have organic veggies from my backyard that haven’t travelled across the country before landing on my plate. What can you do to make your nutrition better?

Zucchini soup from the garden 

Creativity is part of my life that I never want to give up. I may not always have the energy to start a creative project, but I always feel so much better when I am creating and after I have created. I do need to take some time to focus and not be all over the place when it comes to creating. I am trying to focus more on creating jewelry, but I love sewing, paper crafts, wood crafts, and so many more. My main focus remains jewelry, but I know I can never give up on the other things I love to create. My goal is to actually try to create a jewelry business where I can create and sell my jewelry. I also want to use my creativity to feel good and feel relaxed. I have had so many people ask how I make time to be creative, and my question back is always, “how do you make time to do your passions?”. Are you the creative type? Do you wish you were more creative?

Trying to synthesize my love of wood and jewelry

I love being out in nature. I wish I made a point to do it more often. I live in New England and have so many beautiful places to spend time outside and in nature. I also live in New England the weather can be tough, at least right now. My goal this year, is to get out there and enjoy some time in the woods, at the beach, at the lake, the mountains, or even my backyard. 

Fire pit in my backyard

The woods/pond

The ocean

The ocean

The mountains

The Mountains

The mountains/ocean

The lake

Mindfulness is another area that I am really passionate about. I don’t take nearly enough time to practice being present. I’m always looking to the future and sometimes the past. I am also just kind of zone out on social media. I need to make more of a point to take time to meditate, to sit and breathe and just be. I need to take time to journal, both written and art. I have all these art journal/scrapbooking prompts and I haven’t done anything with them. 

My goal is to live a life focused on natural health. I spend 3 days a week giving advice to others, but I never take my own. I wants to garden, and learn about using herbs and essential oils to treat things so that thing are taken care of and hopefully prevented. I want to drink water and eat good healthy local foods. I want to shop at small local businesses and support my friends who own these small businesses. I want to visit more farmers markets, not because it’s trendy to do that, but because it is better for me and for farmers and for my community. I want to have a garden where I focus on good healthy vegetables and herbs. I want to change up my “butterfly garden” and make it into an herb garden. Right now that garden is over grown with plants that make it look ok, even me who likes a garden that is not perfect and just planted (can’t think of how better to describe it), finds it a mess. I need to either transplant or give away these plants and make this garden an herb garden with plants that  are grown for specific purposes. It’s getting to that time where I need to start planning things. I need to make a promise to myself that we will take time to take care of the garden and water and weed it like it needs to be and not think that the weather is too hot.

I have lots of ideas to make my heart healthy and happy using my beliefs and passions that are wholistic. How do you take care of your heart? do you live a wholistic life? Do you want to live a wholistic life (not everyone does)?



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