Life can be funny sometimes. Today, I missed a call from my per diem job, which meant that I missed out on working. It’s not a lot of money that I missed out on, but it is some extra money and I really like this the job. One good thing about not working was it was a gorgeous day, especially for February in New England (tomorrow is supposed to be even better but then it’s back to normal). I certainly could have been more productive, but I decided to take some time and do something fun and a little productive

Today, I took time to watch some jewelry shows which makes me happy. I also took time to work on some of my own jewelry projects. I have a resin and wood project, a copper pipe and resin project, a resin and wire pendant, and also a bezel filled will resin and glitter that I took time to work on. I made lunch and then went to pick up my kids. I was out on my back porch, my studio, and my husband said, “are you working?”.  That comment made me feel really good, especially since my goal is to have a jewelry business.

resin and glitter

resin and wire

resin and copper pipe

wood and resin

While I was getting my kids, a “friend” posted something on Facebook about tattoos. I thought about how much I love my tattoos and how if I had never been friends with this person, I would never had gotten my tattoos. I posted that and my “friend” commented that I have a “gypsy soul and would have no matter what”. What it made me think about was that certain people come into our lives when we need them. They may not stay forever or they may change to  different ways of seeing our relationship. This came about after having a discussion with this “friend” about our friendship. I feel like there is somewhat of closure to the friendship.

The other day, a facebook friend posted a picture of a hummingbird. The ironic thing was the night before, I had a dream that I saw a pink hummingbird, the first hummingbird I saw in person. I commented about my dream and this friend said that there was “Synchronicity” between my dream and her posting the picture. A friend of hers commented, “The only bird that can fly backward.  So, perhaps your dream means …. You are integrating (and letting go of) your past, in order to be Free to Fly into the future with Grace and Joy.”. Of course, I am thinking that this means I am letting go of my past career so that I can be free to follow my creative career dreams. 

Today was a gorgeous day so I tried to spend as much time enjoying it as possible. I certainly could have enjoyed it more, but I really enjoyed my day. I wish I could have bought a couple more supplies to complete some projects, but due to some banking issues, I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t eat the best, but I ate better than I could have. I could have gone for a walk or a run, but I didn’t. I spent some time in my backyard taking care of my chickens. I sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather and my propane fire pit. I also was productive and made some soap with a new recipe I created.

2 of my 5 chickens

3 of my 5 chickens

3 of my 5 chickens

Backyard fire pit

hot process soap making

Some days we think that life should go a certain way. Some days when life doesn’t go that way, we beat ourselves up. I could beat myself up for not being more productive. I could do the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve way of thinking, but what I need to do, is to give myself  permission to enjoy the day I had and remind myself that it is not only ok to take a day for fun and also that I was creating, or working, with the hope that I can maybe post something on my etsy page (which goes back to my word of the year, trust). 

Do you enjoy life or do you expect life to go a certain way? Do you allow yourself permission to have down days where you just enjoy the day without having to be “productive”? 



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