Dreams and Passions

Do you take time to think about your dreams and passions? I am always thinking about them every day. I have a house, a great husband who I think is handsome and sexy and sweet and kind, 3 great kids that are sweet and kind and loving and creative, a career where I help people even if I don’t love it.
What I know, is that my dreams and passions always include creativity, nutrition, mindfulness, and herbs/gardening. What I never know, is how to include it in a career. I love making things. I love learning about mindfulness. I love learning about herbs. I love learning about nutrition. I love learning how all this affects us and our mental health, our ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. 

My Back Porch Studio

I keep seeing these questions about “what would you do if money were no option?” If money were no option, I would have a retreat center where I could combine all my passions and dreams. I would have a space where people could go and learn about healthy nutritional eating, mindfulness, different creativity activities, and finally gardening and herbs. It would be a retreat center for me too. I would spend my time there alone, relaxing and taking time for me. I would have retreats where I would have different people who are more knowledgeable than I am in certain areas and hold workshops. I would have a space for family and friends to come together and spend time with each other. I would take time to learn about all the different things that I want to learn about.

Sometimes having so many dreams and passions really is tough. It’s not so much having so many dreams and passions, it’s not having the money to follow them. My goal is to figure out how I can follow them. Maybe I can, at least for now, make them be a more focused hobby. Maybe I can learn more about nutrition and how it affects us and our mental health. I want to learn more about herbs and how we can use them for our health, including our mental health. I want to get better at my craft, making jewelry. I want to practice mindfulness learn more about how to teach others to use it for stress and anxiety relief as well as coping with depression.

Do you follow your dreams and passions? What would you do if money were no object?



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