Life and Where It Takes You

Life is really funny. When you sit back and think about where life takes you, or where you are with your dreams, you realize that your dreams/ passions really do stick around when you allow yourself to be aware. For the longest time, I have wanted to do something creative, holistic, healthy, with a mindfulness component. What I have recently realized is that while the details and some of the things have changed, my basic dream/passion has not really gone away. I just realized this during my drive to work this morning.

I really do still want to have a business where I make and sell jewelry, but I also want to do something with my social work background, just not traditional social work or therapy. I don’t want to diagnose people any more. I don’t want to just listen to people and their problems. I want to be able to share my struggles and my fixes as well as help others to find what works for them. I want to teach people to use mindfulness practices, holistic nutrition, gardening, nature, creativity, and so much more to help them with depression and anxiety and stress, but not do the therapy piece. I want to be able to give them tools that help them, but not do therapy.

I have started to make some changes in my life, and I think that is making a difference in how I see what I do for a career. I’m feeling at least a little more in control of my own life, which makes me think that I can do more in my professional life. I started weight watchers 1 week ago and have lost 4 pounds. I can’t believe that I have stuck with it for 1 week and want to continue to stick with it, which doesn’t really say much for where my mind has been for the past few years, but what this first week is teaching me is that I can do this. I can do things that I didn’t think that I was able to do.

I bought a new journal and covered it like old school text books. My goal is to use it like a planning journal to document goals, plans, what works, what doesn’t work, things like that. I love my journals and really plan to use this new one in a way that benefits me and my goals. For now, as much as I don’t want to continue with therapy, I plan to keep doing what I am doing to make money, but top start really looking at how to make my dreams work the way I want them to.

my favorite quote on my desk


journal (cosmic smashbook)

Art journal

Art journal with vision board

Do you follow your dreams or do they just remain dreams? Do you find your dreams change over time or mostly remain the same?  Do you feel like your dreams can become reality?



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  1. Lovely post and so good to be making plans, making changes, being proactive. Good on you! Katie x


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