Taking Care of My Heart

It’s the second week of the new year and I’m making some progress on my goals. I joined weight watchers and as much as I hate that I have to join a group to lose weight, I know that it works as long as I do the work. The thing I like best about following a program and a program like weight watchers, is that it makes me think about what I put in my mouth. Do I really need or want this? Sometimes the answer is yes, I really do want this, but I don’t need to have too much, just enough to satisfy me. I believe I have lost 4 pounds, which is amazing, but what is better are the lifestyle changes that I plan on making.  This is working on my physical goal of taking care of my heart. I still need to add some exercise into the mix to help take care of my heart physically.

How am I taking care of my heart from my mind stand point? That is where I struggle a little. When I think about it, I believe my mind and my soul/spirit are almost one in the same. I know that my mind soul and spirit as well as my body are connected, but I find it really hard to disconnect my mind from my soul or my spirit. 

I need to do more with taking care of my mind/soul/spirit. There are times I do ok, but I wouldn’t say I do good. Last night, I took time to take a bath with candles and a dark room, but instead of relaxing and reading, I continued to read Facebook or other social media. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I have allowed social media to take up too much of my time. I think it has really affected my mind and how I relate to others, especially my family and I hate it. I was afraid of this happening, but didn’t think that it would be this troubling. I keep saying that I’m going to limit my time, but I never really do. This is probably the first place I need to make changes to help take care of my mind. Our minds and hearts are connected so taking care of my mind with also benefit my heart.

My soul and spirit are equally important to look at for my heart health. I am working on making changes to my career and my emotional life so that I can feel happy in my heart. I, like most people need to take time to for self care. What does that look like? I need to take time to read like I used to. I need to take time to make things. I need to take time to relax; journal, blog, do yoga, spend time in the woods/nature. Self care looks different for everyone and can change depending on what one needs in the moment. 

I’ve started taking care of my heart. How do you take care of your heart? Do you see it from a body, mind, spirit connection? What can you do to make sure your heart is well?



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