Life Review and The New Year

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It’s now January 3, 2019 and as much as I don’t want to make new year’s resolutions, I think I need to take time to look at my life and make sure it is going in the direction I want it to go in. I have been thinking a lot about what direction I want my life to go in and I am not moving in the right direction. I have all these thoughts and dreams, but I don’t know how to make them actually work out. I feel like a big part of things is not having a space to actually have workshops and create things, but I think it is also more than that.

My word of the year is trust. I need to trust myself that I know the direction I want my life to move in. That being said, I need to put down on paper, maybe virtual paper, what those goals are. So here it goes. 

My first goal is a very personal goal. I want and need to get healthy physically. The first thing I did to meet that goal was to join weight watchers. I have done it in the past and it has gone well so I am really hopeful. I am also hopeful that I will start doing better at meal planning and making healthier meals for not only me, but also my family. I need to add in exercise, both cardio and strength. 

My second goal is to figure out my career path. I don’t hate what I am doing, but I certainly don’t love it. I know I don’t want to be a therapist and diagnose people much longer. I know I want to be doing something creative and fun and exciting and also with people. As much as I say I hate people, it’s really that there are certain types of people that I let push my buttons and I shouldn’t. As much as I am amazed to admit it, I think I am an extrovert that is really shy. I like being around people and love talking, but really get anxious when I first meet people. I would love to own my own handcrafted business where I make and sell handcrafted items, and also teach workshops on the many different things I love to make. 

My third goal is to make time for mindful meditation practices to focus on my soul/spirit/mind. That means I want to have practices that are meditative. I want to meditate, do yoga, create mindfully, create and spend time in my garden, go for a hike, things like that. 

The funny thing about these goals is that the physical goal is very doable and I have actually started. My second and third goal are somewhat related. My career path will certainly help my mind/soul/spirit and maybe having a meditative practice daily will help me get to my career goals. 

My next step, now that I have put down my goals in writing, is to get more specific in how I am going to make these goals happen. I plan to use my social work training to do this. I have thought about giving myself a care plan like I used to use in the nursing home, but I haven’t actually done that. I need to think about how best to make that happen. I need to break down these goals into even more specific things and as much as I think I may be a crazy person, start another journal with goals and make it written and creative. Man there is a lot to think about. 

Do you make new year’s resolutions? Have you done a life review? Do you have multiple journals going at once?



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  1. Ooh this is great! I wish I could lend you my book … please don’t be offended by the title but it’s called “Get Your S**t Together” by Sarah Knight. And what your blog is about is exactly what she teaches us. Effectively how to have a goal, break it down into management chunks, commit to it and make it happen. I love it and it’s really helped me. Lots of swearing in it, but if you can cope with that, it’s excellent! Katie x


    1. abr0893 says:

      Thank you. I will look into the book

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