What Makes Your Heart Sing?

I have been spending my time trying to figure out what my passion is. If I were to be honest with myself, I know what my passion is. My dream, if money were no object, is to own a creative handcraft studio. I often thought that having a place to learn how to cook and eat healthy as well as a place to practice mindfulness. This is something I have thought about for a long time, which says to me, it’s something I really want. The problem is this all takes money which I don’t have. 

What I can do, maybe, is make things and sell them. What truly makes my heart sing, is making stuff. I have been told for years that I should make stuff and sell it. The problem is I have little to no self confidence. I may have lots of people telling me I create really nice things, but I also grew up being told that you have to have a “real job” to make any money. A hobby is just that, a hobby. 

I have a master’s degree and I help people with their mental health issues. Maybe with having a “real job” will allow me to have my dream on a small part time basis. I took the first step and created an etsy account/shop. I haven’t put anything in my shop yet but my next goal is to make something, photograph it, and list it. This will be a huge step for me. 

Tomorrow is January 1st, the start of the new year! 2019 is going to be a the year where I trust myself and take a couple of chances. I’m going to trust my heart and trust what makes my heart sing even if it scares me to my core. 

sewn pillowcase (magic pillowcase)

sewn pillowcase (magic pillowcase)

Wire and bead necklace and bracelet.

some of my advent calendar earrings

skull earrings

More advent calendar earrings

More advent calendar earrings

What makes your heart sing? Do you listen to your heart or do you let something else (like fear in my case) cover it up? 



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