I am so very interested in mindfulness practices, but I never seem to actually do what it takes to practice. I could very much benefit from a lot of these practices and should be stressing them with my kids too, but I don’t take the time to practice them. I am currently following a 21 day meditation practice from the Chopra Center but I don’t actually do the meditation. I have been copying the mantra and the centering thought, but I haven’t been actually meditating on it. My thought is I need to get the mantra and the centering thought down because I can do the meditation later. It’s a good thought because the meditation is stating the centering thought and then repeating the mantra while calming music is playing. I can do that later, but I need to actually do it.

The other night, my son, who has my old phone, came to me and asked me to get a meditation on Youtube for home. He’s 10 and has a diagnosis of Autism. He is never in bed before 9:30 unless he is sick. He came to me at 8:30 and remained in bed until he fell asleep. This was a huge win in my opinion. His brother and sister, who are 9 and much better sleepers, requested the same thing at the same time. They also have old phone with YouTube and I found the same meditation for them. They also were in bed at 8:30 and fell asleep easily. I need to make this a nightly thing for them.

The video my kids like is bedtime guided meditations for children, a YouTube video.

Last night I took a bath and looked at Facebook. Someone in one of the groups I follow posted about not be able to meditate and it  reminded me I haven’t been meditating myself. That post, along with my kids meditating before bed, reminded me that I need to make this a daily practice, either before bed or at some point in my day. I really need to focus on my mindfulness practice.

Last night, I tried this again and it worked great for my daughter, but she has always been a great sleeper. My boys were in bed at 8:30, but there were some in and out moments as well as I can’t sleep moments. I used all of my skills trying to get them to get to sleep, including visualization, but it didn’t really help. I was good that they were in bed earlier than usual and I know changing habits takes time so we will continue to work on this. I will continue to work on making this a practice for me too. I’ve written about S.A.V.E.R.S. in the past and mindfulness practices fit into this. I love the idea of Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing as a daily practice, but feel a little overwhelmed trying to get it all in. My goal is to work on integrating each of these into my week and maybe in time, my daily practice.

Do you meditate or have a mindfulness routine? Do you want to have one?



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