Finding Me

I think I may slowly be finding who I am. Like I tell my patients, it’s a process and it’s worth taking the tie to figure out who you are and what makes you happy. Like I’ve often said, my family (kids and husband) are amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing. Where I’m looking to find myself is within my career and my creative endeavors. I’m always looking to learn something new and move on to a new project.  I have little patience for learning sometimes and sometimes wonder if I really do have ADD.

I have always loved making jewelry. I took a metal smithing class when I was pregnant with my oldest. That is something I have to prepare for because that takes time and work to learn and be accomplished, at least for a lot of it. What I have found is that I am really liking wire wrapping and wire work in general. I’m thinking jewelry making may be a great outlet for me to focus on, especially wire wrapping since it is pretty portable and easy. It’s more about perfecting my technique than about learning how to do something difficult.

Within jewelry making, there are so many different materials I could focus on and maybe that will give me some ability to try new materials, but stay within the genre of jewelry making. My goal has always been to try to make my own materials, such as dyeing my own fabric, making my own beads, etc. I’m thinking this is a great way to be even more creative, yet stay within the jewelry making area of creating.

Watching a video on using polymer clay and

alcohol inks to make your own pendants

I usually start off really excited about making things, and then I usually find myself feeling like that really isn’t what I want to be doing. A couple of days ago, I made some wire wrapped earrings, and then last night, I made a braided, beaded bracelet. Now I am thinking what I want to make next. Tonight may be the night I play with clay and alcohol inks. I love how shiny and amazing the pendant above looks. The colors are amazing and pretty much my favorite colors (maybe that’s why I like the pendant so much). There was another video I watch and it has me thinking about making my own stringing material for my jewelry. I am getting more excited rather than disinterested this time around. So many possibilities not enough time to make everything I want to.

I still love the idea of scrapbooking/journaling for social work compatibility and my own memory keeping. There’s always using scrapbooking paper to make paper beads for jewelry to tie into the scrapbooking piece. I love scrapbooking, journaling, photography, sewing and all the other creative endeavors that I try my hand at. I think there is something about jewelry making that makes me happy, at least for right now.

I’m hoping that I can maybe get proficient in a specific area of jewelry making and I can start selling things. I need to work on my self confidence to be able to do that, but maybe just maybe, if this is truly the right thing for me I’ll work hard at getting proficient and also being more confident is my work.

Do you know your purpose? Are you looking for your authentic self or have you already found it? Maybe it’s not something that you have even thought about.



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